Temple Run 3: Endless running game inspired by Temple run

If you are a lover of the endless running game genre, you must have heard of Temple Run, an extremely famous and attractive game. Temple Run 3 online is a game where you control an adventurer who is chased by evil monkeys after stealing a cursed idol from a temple. You have to swipe the screen to rotate, jump, slide, and avoid obstacles while running away.

An extremely perfect version of Temple run

But did you know that there is a new version of Temple Run that is even more fun and challenging?The original Temple Run video game served as inspiration for Temple Run 3, the most recent entry in the series. Temple Run 3 has similar gameplay but with new challenges, colorful new design graphics, new environments, new characters, new power-ups, and new enemies.

There will be a lot of terrain for you to conquer at Temple Run 3.

In Temple Run 3, you can explore different worlds like the jungle, desert, snow, and volcano. Each world has its own characteristics and dangers that will test your skills and reflexes. You can also choose from different characters to play with, such as the classic Guy Dangerous, the adventurous Scarlett Fox, the brave Barry Bones, and the enigmatic Karma Lee. Each character has its own special abilities and outfits that you can unlock and customize.

In this special version of Temple run there will be many new skins.

Temple Run 3 also features new power-ups that you can collect and use to boost your performance. For example, you can use magnets to attract coins, shields to protect yourself from obstacles, speed boosts to run faster, and gem rewards to multiply your gems. You can also use gems to revive yourself if you die or to activate special modes like crazy coins or multipliers.

If you are looking for an interesting and exciting endless-running game, this great version cannot be missed. If possible, you should experience more Temple Run 2Temple QuestHappy Wheels 3DSubway Surfers Zurich and Color Tunnel 2, which are equally attractive and help you relax a lot after stressful working hours.